Vitamin D Deficiency Linked To Poor Health!

What is vitamin D3? – Increasing numbers of adults, and even children, are suffering from various types of bone abnormalities, auto-immune disorders and mood swings all suspected to be caused by the same culprit – Vitamin D deficiency. Seems our modern-day aversion to the sun, and a heated debate among the medical community is having a devastating impact on our bones and our overall health.

It is estimated by some Vitamin D experts that up to 75% of the world’s population is Vitamin D deficient… and it seems to be getting worse, not better.

To understand the importance of Vitamin D it is helpful to clearly understand what Vitamin D actually is and isn’t… Vitamin D is technically a hormone, not a “vitamin”. By definition, vitamins are organic compounds that cannot be “made” by the body and are obtained by outside sources – our foods. Vitamin D on the other hand, is synthesized by the body by things called “precursors”.

To synthesize the precursor to vitamin D, we need help from an outside source, the sun. Once the precursor rearranges itself and becomes what we call Vitamin D, it exits the skin and enters the bloodstream – nourishing our organs and the entire body.

To get enough D from your daily diet you’d have to consume 3 cans of sardines, drink 10 to 20 glasses of fortified milk, eat 20 bowls of cereal, gorge on 50 to 100 egg yolks and eat 7 ounces of wild salmon EVERY DAY!

Your body needs vitamin D for:
• Optimum Bone Health
• Cellular Health – Helps Stop Free Radical, Cancer Causing Cells from Developing
• Organ Health – Heart, Liver, Kidneys
• Muscular Health – Strength & Stamina
• Autoimmune Health – Fight Disease and Illness
• Brain Health – Mental Acuity, Memory, and Helps Fight Depression & Mood Swings

The truth is, your body must have Vitamin D, and without it, your health will suffer – greatly.

Race, skin color and geography all impact whether you may or may not be Vitamin D deficient. The darker your skin, the harder it is for your skin to make Vitamin D, which is precisely why darker skinned people are particularly prone to vitamin D deficiency. Additionally, the older you are, the harder it is for your skin to make Vitamin D, so as we age we manufacture less…but we actually need even more Vitamin D to stay healthy! Which brings us back to the bigger question; why aren’t you currently taking a Vitamin D supplement?

It is interesting to note that most European countries strongly disagree with low recommended daily allowance in the US, and research overwhelmingly suggests that we would be far healthier with higher Vitamin D levels in our bodies.

Fortunately, there is a solution to the Vitamin D deficiency epidemic – add Vitamin D3 to your daily diet!

Vitamin D3 or Cholecalciferol is the same type of D your skin manufactures from sun exposure. What’s important about this is it is the precise type of D your skin, organs, bones and entire body needs to function at peak efficiency and health. The bottom line is your body must have it.