What Makes Precision Engineering Different From Other Types of Engineering?

Many of us tend to group companies who manufacture items in metal together under the banner of general ‘engineering’. When you think about it however many components in aircraft engines, scientific or medical machinery for example are likely to be very small, specific, and vitally important in terms of what is at stake in terms of human health and suffering if they are not accurate or strong enough, or not of the right quality. Engineering companies who manufacture these types of components are also likely to need to manufacture large numbers of these components with no room for error in any of them, and no variation in the specifications or the high quality level that will be expected by the customer and needed by the user.

This highlights the importance of some very important factors that help to define Precision Engineering:

  • Accuracy. Although this is important in Precision Engineering this is something that’s important to all engineering. CNC Milling and Turning Milling machines however have helped to maintain a good level of accuracy.
  • Precision. It sounds obvious but it isn’t the same as accuracy. Whereas accuracy is how closely you can get a measurement to a value, precision is all about having a system that can repeat or reproduce measurements in unchanged conditions so that you’re able to get the same result.
  • Predictability and control, not variations are important. This is one of the reasons why one hit CNC Milling and Turning has become so sought after. The product being worked on never doesn’t leave the Milling Centre throughout its manufacturing process. Each product is worked on with the same tools, by the same program in the same conditions so that the predictability and engineering precision can be closely maintained. There are time savings and cost savings from the simultaneous performance of different tasks, the energy efficiency of modern milling machines, and the fact that only one machine needs to be set up and operated.
  • Today’s CNC Milling machines are the descendants of machines first developed by the U.S. Air Force and MIT in the 1940s and 1950s who needed a cost-effective way of manufacturing some very complex parts in a cost-effective way.
  • Quality. A Precision Engineering company needs to make sure that the quality is always high and that things are done right first time every time. The use of modern milling machines can of course help but quality is something that can’t just be the responsibility of the machines. Quality needs to be built into every aspect of a company and working to achieve ISO Certification is one way that a Precision Engineering company can make sure that this happens. Another way to help maintain and improve quality levels is to use a good software based material requirements planning system to help manage and control quality in all areas of the company and production processes. Investing in machinery and in the people in the company can both help towards this aim.

Health – The Most Precious Thing For Us

World Health Organization issued a formal definition of health, it is thus formulated: “Health is that state of complete well physically, mentally and socially and is not only absence of disease or infirmity.” Health is so much more than the absence of disease, physical abnormality and has a much broader sense, multidimensional, on several levels: physically,mentally and socially. It is therefore of a higher concept, a wide horizon, which can not be separated from the social environment, the socio-economic conditions in which people live and work.

Only society where everything is dedicated to human welfare can provide optimal conditions for the protection and health promotion.
Health should be conceived as an important factor in determining the complex concept that you call “quality of life.”

On the biological health is based on a balance of all body functions, body fluid and chemical composition of human body tissue. This wonderful balance is constantly maintained and controlled by a complex mechanism in entering many factors: chemical, physical, mental, social.
In a beautiful speech, a great endocrinologist revealed for harmony in a healthy body: “Health is the harmony of functions, as beauty is the harmony of body shapes, as is the harmony of true goodness and true wisdom is ethical feelings intellectual harmony.”

We must admit however that between health and sickness, the border is sometimes difficult to determine, among them there are transition states or limit (borderline) that can turn imperceptibly in a state of disease.

A concern of modern medicine, preventive, early detection is precisely through the most sensitive methods, these states of transition, of morbid states in their biochemical status before reaching the clinical disease.
On the bio-medical, made extraordinary progress in recent decades have allowed a more thorough exploitation of health. Investigation now has more options and more precise fine, which exceeds the common appreciation of our senses, to discover as early abnormal, health deviations. Thus, introduction of new techniques, non-invasive, have made the human body to become today’s increasingly transparent and accessible exploration morphological finest, with detection of the smallest changes in anatomy: computed tomography, ultrasound, scintigraphy, magnetic resonance etc..

Another interesting thing that I have found on the internet, is the significance of our planets that we all know…

SUN: vital principle, health, social, authority, humor, father, if everything is favorable to improve birth horoscope.

Month: sensitivity, responsiveness, imagination, reverie, the female principle, the crowd, cash money, popularity, secret, mom, month = strong adventure.

Neptune: mediumistice spirit of prophecy, mysticism, hallucination, illusion, obsessional, Neptune strongly indicate sublime creation in the highest degree.

URANUS: original in all aspects, inventive spirit, revolution, dear people, eccentricity, Uranus indicates a strong reformist spirit, resourceful, unselfish.

SATURN: drag, misery, social collapse, if badly aspect indicates an eternalmisery.

JUPITER: balance, justice, order, high authority, wealth, health, if well aspect indicates a happy life.

Adonis: modest chance, money, love, beauty, indicates a providential opportunity.

MERCURY: writing, word, trade, smart living

Do not play with your health because you cannot buy it sometime with money. This is the most precious thing for us humans, so be careful with it.

Diabetes and Prediabetes – An Enormous Public Health Problem

Over 20 million Americans are known to have diabetes mellitus. This is nearly 7% of the US population. Another 6-7 million people living in the US are also diabetic but do not know it — it has not been diagnosed or even recognized — and thus is not managed in any form. Astonishingly, approximately 60 million individuals in the US have prediabetes, which is a distinct and authentic metabolic disorder that easily and often progresses to the overt diabetes condition. The prevalence of both conditions grows yearly, but the majority of individuals with either condition are not diagnosed.

Around the world, the number of people with prediabetes approaches 350 million. Public health experts predict this number will pass 400 million by 2020. In past years, prediabetes was not recognized but was simply acknowledged as impaired fasting glucose, or glucose intolerance. Glucose intolerance was most frequently minimized as a concern. Folks were told simply to reduce sugar intake and to try to lose a few pounds — or not told anything. However, we now know that the “glucose intolerant condition” — or what we now formally name “prediabetes” — shall progress to overt diabetes mellitus at the rate of approximately 5% per year. That is precisely why “glucose intolerance” has been renamed “prediabetes” and is recognizable as a distinct metabolic disorder worthy of a precise clinical name.

Annual physical examinations with annual blood test screening of at-risk individuals is essential.

The formal definition of diabetes has been tightened because prior criteria were too vague. Frank or overt diabetes mellitus is defined a fasting plasma glucose of 126 mg/dl OR hemoglobin A1c value greater than 6.5%, Prediabetes is defined as fasting glucose of 100 – 125 mg/dl OR hemoglobin A1c value between 5.7 and 6.4%.

These definitions are agreed upon by Consensus Expert Panels globally. Of course, adjusting the definitions to these precise criteria will result in percentage increases in the prevalence of either condition. But, the reasons that Consensus Experts agreed upon these definitions center on the fact that these definitions declare true metabolic abnormalities — true deviations from physiological normals. And, these distinct deviations from metabolic normal have progressive, adverse personal health consequences.

So, public health and personal health data do exist that expose the truth. Prediabetes is a personal threat and a public health problem. It can and will progress to overt diabetes as defined. And, both conditions are linked directly to blood vessel disease, heart disease, kidney disease, and neurological disease. The threat is the glucose molecule. Prediabetes must be recognized, diagnosed, discussed, and managed as the true threat that it is.