Nutrition: The Building Blocks Of Your Health

The saying, “You are what you eat” is more than a mere catch phrase or cliché. The reality is that what we become physically is significantly influenced by what we put into our bodies. Proper nutrition is getting what you need, the right amount of macronutrients, such as protein, carbohydrates and safe fats, plus micronutrients, including vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. By supplying our body each day with the elements of which it’s composed, we can attain optimum health – provided that due attention is also given to our mind and spirit.

Every part of our body is fed and develops from the food we eat, food being nature’s original remedy to activate our natural healing energies. Food fads may come and go, but the importance of a well-rounded diet and nurturing your body through healthful food never goes out of style. We can see this for ourselves; those who are more youthful and have abundant energy in most cases follow more wholesome diets, exercise regularly and follow a healthier lifestyle. People who are health-minded look it! They take responsibility for their lives and their choices, and it usually pays off with bright, clear eyes, glowing skin and full, healthy hair.

Conversely, those people who consume junk (processed/lifeless) foods and live unhealthy, sedentary lives are the ones who usually suffer from various health problems and are prone to premature aging. Of course there are people who are dealt a genetic royal flush. They can break all the rules in the book and nothing seems to affect the condition of their health, their energy or their appearance. Since life isn’t fair, most of us are not part of that blessed minority.

We’re all human, and what we don’t understand we tend to criticize or ridicule. Most of us are like that, aren’t we? I know I was leery and maybe even judgmental when I first heard about eliminating meat from my diet, cutting out junk food and eating plenty of fresh organic fruits and vegetables. However, implementing these changes made a dramatic and very positive difference in my life and my health.

The body in many respects is like a delicate and precision-made automobile and responds to expert care and treatment. If we neglect our car (or our body), not furnishing it with what it needs, the various systems will malfunction. There are exact and precise laws and principles that govern and operate both vehicles. If we supply them both with the basic indispensable fuels and the proper care and maintenance, we can be confident they will perform smoothly and safely as they were originally designed. The automobile was constructed with a built-in warning system: the dashboard, with its gauges to warn us if the engine is overheating or signal us if the battery is low. The same is true of the body. The eyes alert us if something is wrong; the pupils dilate and dark circles appear. If our temperature rises, it’s nature’s notification of trouble.

Hair also is a measuring stick of our general state of health. For example, when an animal is sick, its fur loses shine and luster and, in some cases, even falls out. Our hair, if analyzed properly, will reveal where we are nutritionally deficient, and those deficiencies manifest themselves in the overall condition and appearance of the hair. Adele Davis, one of the earlier proponents of health, wrote, “Even a partial lack of almost any nutrient causes hair to fall out. To rectify such a condition the diet must be completely adequate.”

In the natural food classic You Are What You Eat, Victor Lindlahr – one of the world’s foremost hair and skin authorities – explains, “The far-reaching importance of your daily menus becomes apparent when you stop to consider that what you eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner is converted into your hair, eyes, nose, mouth, lungs, fingernails and the many, many other tissues of which your body is composed.”

My philosophy is very simple: Good health is the foundation of authentic beauty. Today’s focus on cosmetics and cosmetic surgery totally misses the point. Health and beauty are inseparable, intimately related to the balance of the body’s internal and external well being. We can’t control the genetic hand we are dealt – but we can make the wise and life-affirming choices that will bring us to the highest levels of health, good looks and longevity that are within our reach.